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Supporting young people's sexual health

Consultation on ‘easy to understand’ (ETU) website


The ‘easy to understand’ (ETU) part of the Healthy Respect website will give easy-read information (images and simple text) on sexual health and relationships. It is for people with learning disability and additional support needs. Easy-read information can be helpful for a range of people including those for whom English is an additional language, anyone with low health literacy, or people who are unable to take in complex health information.

Easy-read information on relationships, sexual health, and parenthood (RSHP) is not easy to find, not always free, and not aimed at or representative of young people with learning disability.

Our ETU website is among the first ever resources trying to address these issues. This is why we are looking for feedback from practitioners and from young people. Your feedback is invaluable and will support us in improving this content.

How to access the ETU website

Follow the link and click “Turn Easier to Understand On”:


The above link gives you access to the whole website. Some of the sections are incomplete and we are still developing the content.

The sections listed below are complete.

Image illustrating how to turn on the ETU

The ETU website utilises illustrations to convey the written information provided. Drawings of private body parts and sexual activity are used when needed to convey the information clearly and accurately. Each section with sensitive images begins with a content warning on the first slide. There are no photos of real people’s private body parts on our website.

We recommend discussing with and reassuring your students prior to viewing that some of the sections contain these drawings and supporting them to review sections suited to their comfort level. 

content warning photo

How to provide feedback

We appreciate you taking the time to record the feedback (whether that is from yourself or young person/people) in a short survey:

Click here to provide feedback

If it is easier to send us written comments feel free to do so also. If you have any questions, please email us at Healthy.Respect@nhs.scot

Closing date: 10 May 2024

It might be helpful for you to check the survey questions before carrying out the consultation.

Image directing to the survey

Thank you! We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us.
Your feedback is valuable and will help us improve this content.

Healthy Respect team

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