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Supporting young people's sexual health

RSHP resources to support inclusive practice

Over the past 3 years, we have been supporting teachers with some of the challenges they face when embedding RSHP into the Health and Wellbeing curriculum, for example building staff confidence about using the anatomically correct words from early years, working across composite classes, the ‘how to’ create an inclusive environment and engaging with parents and carers.

We would like to share some great resources and practice that we feel will be relevant to your work.

Children with learning disabilities

An individual response is often required when supporting the RSHP educational needs of children with learning disabilities. There is no one set approach but below are some tried and tested resources that will support you in your practice.

My body is changing

“What’s Happening to Ellie?”
“What’s Happening to Tom?”
Books about puberty for children with autism and related conditions.


“The Growing Up Guide for Girls”
“The Growing Up Book for Boys”
What children on the autism spectrum need to know.

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