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Supporting young people's sexual health

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Voices Unheard: LGBTQ+ young people’s experiences of domestic abuse

The report highlights that LGBTQ+ young people in Scotland experience high rates of domestic abuse, both within their own relationships and within their families, but face multiple barriers to accessing support or reporting abuse to Police.

It also sets out key recommendations, developed in collaboration with LGBTQ+ young people.

You can download a copy of the report here.

Image of the report cover page

Stigma is more harmful than HIV

Common misconceptions about HIV have a devastating impact on people living with the virus. But HIV is now treatable, and just one pill a day means it can’t be passed on. And if HIV can’t be passed on, we can end new cases in Scotland.

Learn the facts: HIVstigma.scot

Partners and stakeholders can find assets here for social media, websites (banners) and print (posters).

Opportunity for parents and carers to get involved in the Chat

the Chat is a conversation with parents and carers about their children’s relationships, sexual health and parenthood education. It involves:

  • talking about child’s learning at home,
  • what you, as parents and carers, know and feel about the RSHP education in your child’s school,
  • what would help you to support your child’s learning on different topics,
  • looking ahead and talking about what you want your child to know, understand or be able to do, to help them be healthy, happy, and safe when it comes to their relationships and sexual health by the age of 18.

Visit theChat.scot for more information.

Image of father and child reading

Credit: the Chat

Changes within the Healthy Respect team

Healthy Respect are delighted to share that our Health Promotion Specialist will be acting up in our Services Coordinator role from Monday 14 August! We believe that our colleague’s valuable experience in young people’s service delivery will be a huge asset in this post.

Read more

RSHP Evidence Report

This document published in July 2023 explores the health and wellbeing effects of Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) education.

Visit the links for more information:

Main report
Best practice
Information for parents and carers
Sources referenced

STI Safer Sex Campaign

In Scotland, cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including gonorrhoea and chlamydia, are increasing among people under the age of 25. The best protection from STIs is the correct and consistent use of a condom for vaginal, anal and oral sex.

Public Health Scotland, in collaboration with NHS Health Boards, NHS24 and third sector partners, has developed a prevention campaign including a social media toolkit with assets and suggested captions aimed at people under the age of 25. All the resources are available to download here.

Healthy Respect website launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website – a space where all young people aged 13-18 can access high-quality sexual health and relationships information.

Our website has been redesigned in consultation with young people, for young people. We also didn’t forget about those working with children and young people and we created a dedicated professionals’ area.

Read more here.

'Someone to talk to and Someone to listen'

Young persons leaflet, about how their school or college will support them to make decisions about thier edcuation during pregnancy or parenthood.

Download the leaflet here.

Practitioners guidance can be downloaded here.

image of pregancy leaflet for young people

A lot of it is actually just abuse’ Young people and pornography

The Children’s Comissioner has published new findings from a nationally representative survey for young people aged 16-21, exploring their exposure to pornography online.

Download the report here.


New report on young people and porngraphy

Top tips for trans inclusion in youth work spaces

A resource that offers practical advice to help make your setting inclusive for trans and non-binary young people

Developed in partnership with Healthy Respect, LGBT Youth Scotland, LAYC (Lothian Association of Youth Clubs) and the Wester Hailes Youth Agency.

Click on the image to view the resource.

Image of transgender flag with top tips for trans inclusion in youth work spaces written beside it.

The trans, non-binary and questioning coming out guide

A great new coming out guide from LGBT+ Youth Scotland for supporting young people on their journey with gender identity.

Click on the image to view the guide.

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Awkward moments

Check yourself and the person you are with!

A sexual health campaign, Awkward Moments aimed at 16-19 year olds has been launched to help improve conversations around consent. It has montages and scenarios, group chat clips, social media posts as well as a workshop plan, should you want to run a session with young people to discuss consent.

A collaboration with young people, NHS sexual health teams and organisations in Scotland.

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