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Supporting young people's sexual health


Working to improve the sexual health and wellbeing of young people across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

We have developed this area of Healthy Respect website for anyone working with children and young people in the field of sexual health, relationships and parenthood (RSHP).

To better support you in your role we created a place where you can find essential information on:

  • training and events,
  • up-to-date sexual health and wellbeing resources, including support to deliver accessible sexual health services,
  • latest news, resources and guidance.

Find out what is available by searching under the following topics:

Stay in touch

We also invite you to join our free network to ensure you get up-to-date information relevant to improving the sexual health and wellbeing of children and young people.  For more information on the reasons we will contact you please read our privacy policy.

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