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Supporting young people's sexual health

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Resources to support sexual health and wellbeing, education and learning.

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Young people’s sexual health – infographic

What is going on for young people and their sexual health?
Infographic (2024)

Child protection 2021- updated 2023

National guidance for child protection in Scotland 2021 - updated 2023

National under age sexual activity guidance

Under-age Sexual Activity: Meeting the needs of children and young people and identifying child protection concern

Website promotional materials

We prepared some shareable resources for you to download to help with promotion of our new redesigned website. Please share these on social media or send them to your networks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) on rshp.scot

Useful repsonses to questions asked about rshp.scot resource.

LGBTQ+ – an easy read guide

Easy Read guide to being LGBTQ+ and what it means.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sexual Health Education Programme Manual for Groups and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Sex and Relationships Education for Young People and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

Practical guidance for professionals working with people with co-occurring autism and intellectual disabilities, on how to deliver and adapt sex and relationships education

Principles of good RSE in easy read

Easy read information on the principles of RSHP education by Mencap, in partnership with the Sex Education Forum

RSE for pupils with SEND – short guide

A short guide to providing relationships, sexual health and parenthood education to young people with additional needs by the Sex Education Forum, Image in Action, and Mencap.

“Someone to talk to and Someone to listen”

Young persons leaflet, about how their school or college will support them to make decisions about their education during pregnancy or parenthood.

Consent (for kids)

A small but mighty resource that cleverly explains boundaries and consent.

Healthy relationships

NSPCC - Promoting healthy relationships from early years to 18

Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) resource

rshp.scot is open to all. A suite of age and stage appropriate learning activities from 3-18 years.

‘A lot of it is actually just abuse’, young people and pornography

The Children’s Comissioner, findings from a national survey for young people aged 16-21, exploring their exposure to pornography online.

Key messages for young people on healthy relationships and consent

A resource for professionals working with young people

“Someone to talk to and Someone to listen”

Practitioners guidance on supporting young pregnant women and young parents in school.

LGBT education

A one stop platform for teachers to support the implementation of LGBT Inclusive Education.

You being you: Your gender and sexuality

A video explaining gender and sexuality from MENCAP


Supporting young people with SEND

Gender based violence

Gender Based Violence campaign

Awkward moments

A sexual health campaign to help improve conversations around consent.


rshp.scot activity plans on the body

Why does RSHP education matter?

A great video and responses on rshp.scot about the benefits of RSHP education

Body parts flashcards

Free to download body parts flashcards from www.able2learn.com

RSHP parental leaflet for primary

Information for parers and carers on benefits of RSHP in Primary

All identities welcome poster

All identities welcome poster to display within settings. This is part of top tips package

Top tips for trans inclusion in youth workspaces

Practical advice to help make your setting inclusive.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like additional information please get in touch by emailing HealthyRespectTraining@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk and someone from the team will be in touch.

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