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Supporting young people's sexual health

Get condoms

Condoms are the best way to protect you from STIs when having vaginal, anal or oral sex. They also help prevent pregnancies!

Where can I get condoms?

If you live in Edinburgh, West, East or Mid Lothian and are aged 13 or older it is easy to get condoms.

You can:

  • order free condoms by post
  • collect them from a c:card plus (age 13-15) or c:card direct (age 16+) point.

You can find your nearest c:card points here. We do advise you call your closest point before visiting to check that they are open.

These services are free and confidential and you can find out more information at c:card.

Why use condoms?

A condom is a tube that goes over the penis or inside the vagina that help stop pregnancies and some sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

They can make sex safer and enjoyable.  It is good to be prepared for when you feel ready to have sex.

There are 2 types of condoms.

  1. Condoms that go on the outside of the penis. These are sometimes called external condoms.
  2. Condoms that go inside the vagina. These are called internal condoms.

You can get different types of condoms from c:card. Finding the one that is right for you helps you feel more secure and confident to have safer and pleasurable sex.

You can find the full condom range here.


How do I use condoms?

Always use a new condom that is within date.

Check the packet is not damaged and that the condom is the right size and fit.

This video shows you how to use an external condom correctly. You can also read how to put on a condom.

If you have any questions or worries you can always speak to trusted worker at the young people’s drop in service at Healthy Respect+ or find a service near you.


Credit: © of NHS Highland

Making sex safer and more pleasurable by using  lubricant (lube)

Water based lubricant is a liquid you can use when you are having sex. You can also use it when you are touching yourself or your partner (masturbating).

Lubricant makes sex feel more comfortable and pleasurable. Using water based lubricant with condoms makes sex safer as the condom is less likely to break.

Oil based lubricants (things like Vaseline, baby oil or massage oil) will make the condom burst. Never use oil based lubricant with condoms.

You can get free lubricant at c:card.

Where can I get more information or support?

You can speak to a worker at any c:card plus point or Healthy Respect service.

They can tell you more about condoms and how to use them. Staff are there to listen and work with you to identify what support is best.

Young people aged 13 and over have the right to confidentiality unless someone is harming them or they are in danger.

Find out more about confidentiality on the page what to expect from services.

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