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Supporting young people's sexual health

What to expect from services

What is a sexual health service?

A sexual health service is a safe place you can go to talk about relationships and sex.

You can talk to a nurse, doctor or youth worker about:

  • contraception and condoms (things that prevent pregnancy or getting an infection)
  • testing and treatment for STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  • pregnancy testing
  • any other questions you might have about your sexual health and wellbeing


All sexual health services are confidential and will not share information with parents, carers or other professionals. This means the information a person shares with that service is kept private.

Here are some examples of things that are confidential:

  • test results (for example tests for STIs)
  • your contraception choices
  • abortion or pregnancy choices

If you are aged 13 and over, you have the right to confidentiality. But, if the service thinks you are being harmed or in danger, they may share some information with another professional.

If you are under 13 you will get help, but the person you speak to will need to talk to another professional, to make sure you are safe.

The worker will let you know if they need to talk to another to another professional and what information they need to share.

More information for young people using NHS services can be found at NHSinform.


When you visit a sexual health service in Edinburgh, East, West or Mid Lothian, the service will aim to be:

  • Inclusive – everyone is welcome, everyone will get the same high-quality service
  • Accessible – everyone can use our services, just let us know how we can make our service work best for you
  • Friendly and welcoming – where you are treated with respect
  • Confidential – where young people aged 13 and older can get free, confidential support and treatment.
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Find a sexual health service

Find a service near me if you are aged 13-18 and live in Edinburgh, East, West or Mid Lothian.

If you live outside the Lothians you can book an appointment online here.

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