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Supporting young people's sexual health

Get STI Testing

If you have symptoms or are worried you might have an STI come and see us for confidential testing.

Stigma is more harmful than HIV

Common misconceptions about HIV have a devastating impact on people living with the virus.

HIV is now treatable – one pill a day means that it can’t be passed on, and people living with HIV can live a long and healthy life.

Learn the facts.

Image of a person in distress and text reading stigma is more harmful than HIV

About STIs and BBVs

There are infections and viruses you can get from having sex, and from genital, oral, or anal contact with another person.  These are called sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood borne viruses (BBVs).

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are common STIs and HIV is an example of a blood borne virus.

Getting tested for STIs and BBVs is easy, free, and confidential

  • The tests you need depend on the type of sex you have had.
  • You can get STIs and BBVs in different parts of your body. This includes your genitals (penis, vagina), anus (bottom) and throat.
  • You can have symptoms or no symptoms at all.
  • If you have had sex with someone without using a condom it is a good idea to get tested. Using a condom is a good way of protecting yourself (and your partner) from STIs and BBVs.
  • If you are aged 13 or older you have the same rights to confidentiality as an adult. If the service thinks you are being harmed or in danger, they may share some information with another professional. Find out more about confidentiality.
  • Tests you get from a sexual health clinic will not be recorded on your general medical record.

Find out more information on STIs and BBVs at Brook.

When can I get tested?

Wait at least 2 weeks after you had unprotected sex. Unprotected sex means sex without a condom or dam.
Getting tested sooner may not give an accurate result.

Where can I get tested?

You have two options:

1. Get tested at a service

Sexual health clinics offer full STI and BBV testing and treatment. A doctor or nurse will ask about the sex you have had, and give advice about the tests you need.

Use find a service near me to find your local sexual health clinic or visit Chalmers Sexual Health Centre – Chalmers Sexual Health Centre drop in-times. You can also speak to your GP.


2. Get a test sent to your home

  • STIs and BBVs self sampling kit

If you are 16+ you can get a free, confidential STIs and BBVs self sampling kit from a sexual health clinic.

The kit is sent to you in a plain, white envelope. There are instructions to tell you how to do the test.

You will need to send your samples back and phone for your results. The home sampling kits are usually for people ages 16+ who do not have any symptoms.

To request a home sampling kit visit Lothian Sexual Health website.

  • HIV self test kit

HIV self tests are fast and confidential. They are free in Scotland from Terrence Higgins Trust (order here). The test comes in an unmarked envelope. You do the test yourself and see the result in just a few minutes.

If you have symptoms

If you have symptoms of an STI and need medical advice, drop-in to a sexual health clinic.

Need to talk to someone now?

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