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Supporting young people's sexual health

LGBT+ support and information

Sexual orientation

It is normal to explore your sexuality as you grow up. Part of your sexuality is who you are attracted to. This is known as sexual orientation. People can be romantically, sexually or emotionally attracted to people of any gender, or to nobody at all. Your sexual orientation can stay the same your whole life, or it can change.

There are lots of sexual orientations. Some common words to describe sexual orientation are:

  • Heterosexual
  • Lesbian
  • Gay
  • Bisexual
  • Asexual

There are lots of ways to describe sexual orientation. Some people use different words to the ones above.

You may be questioning your sexual orientation, and whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or fit under another identity.

Here are some places you can get support, information and groups run by LGBT Youth Scotland for young people 13 years and older.


A poster displaying the LGBT+ charter of rights

Gender identity

Gender identity is when the gender you feel fits with who you are.  Sometimes this matches the sex you were given as a baby, but sometimes it does not.

Some people feel their body or sex does not match how they feel about their gender identity. People who feel this way may use words like trans or non-binary to describe themselves. There are more words people use to describe their gender and gender identity.

You being you

Take a look at this great animated video created by Mencap, about gender identity, gender expression, sexuality and celebrating you being you.

Are you exploring or questioning your gender identity?

Would you like support or to meet other young people who feel like you?

LGBT Youth Scotland run these groups for young people 13 – 25 years.

You can meet other young people or talk to a member of staff for support.

Age 13+ LGBT Youth Scotland  has 13+ liveChat Monday to Thursday evenings. A text-based service (you do not need to speak over voice or video).  A confidential space for 13+ to talk with a digital youth worker about sexual orientation, gender identity, coming out, relationship issues and sexual health. Get support here.

Age 16+ LGBT Health and Wellbeing have a Trans Support programme available for people 16 years and older.

You can get emotional support and information. One to one appointments are available at transgender support.

For further information about gender identity services available to young people, visit the gender identity clinic page of this website.

Need to talk to someone now?

Helplines and places to go for help

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