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Options if pregnant

Continue with the pregnancy and keep the baby

You may be very happy to be pregnant and want to continue your pregnancy and keep the baby.

There are different ways of being looked after during pregnancy. This is sometimes called antenatal or pre-natal care. You will have a say in how you and your baby are cared for.

For a healthy pregnancy, get in touch with your midwife or call the NHS Lothian Maternity Booking Service as soon as you can, so they can help you with your pregnancy care.

The number to call is: 0131 536 2009.

You can find more information about pregnancy and parenthood from:

End the pregnancy 

Abortion is when someone chooses to end a pregnancy. It is sometimes called a termination.

Why do people choose to end a pregnancy?

People choose to end a pregnancy for different reasons, some examples are:

  • they do not want to have a baby
  • they do not feel ready to be a parent
  • they feel like they are not in the right situation to have a baby
  • the pregnancy is harmful for their health (physical or mental)

Whatever someone’s reasons for having an abortion, it is their choice and right to do so.

The decision to have an abortion may not be an easy one, it can be a very emotional time. Speaking about it with experienced healthcare staff can help.

NHS Lothian offer free, confidential abortion services through its Choices service.

You can get information, advice, and support with your decision.

These services are free and confidential. You can find out more on our abortion services page.

Continue with the pregnancy and place the baby for adoption 

You could decide to carry on with the pregnancy and place the baby for adoption after they are born.

If you decide that adoption is right for you and your baby, a social worker will spend some time with you to help you with your decision.

Preparations for adoption can start before your child is born, but nothing will be definitely arranged or final until after the birth. You can change your mind up until the adoption is finalised. You might feel differently once the child is born and you might be ready to become a parent.

For more information you should talk to your midwife or doctor. They will put you in touch with a social worker.

Visit the British Association for Adoption and Fostering for more information.

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